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One Piece: Is Queen Dead? Did Sanji Kill Him?

The One Piece franchise has become a cultural phenomenon, captivating audiences with its captivating story, colorful characters, and epic action sequences. The series has become famous for its deep lore, intricate world-building, and unpredictable plot twists. With each new chapter, fans eagerly await to see what exciting developments will unfold next. The latest chapter of One Piece manga has left fans wondering about the fate of one of the series’ most formidable antagonists, Queen. In this article, we will explore the events leading up to Queen’s supposed demise and analyze the evidence to determine if Sanji is responsible for the villain’s death.

The Fight Between Sanji and Queen:

The fight between Sanji and Queen took place in chapter 1023 of the One Piece manga. This highly anticipated battle was one of the highlights of the arc and featured two of the series’ most popular characters going head to head. Queen, one of the top executives of the Beasts Pirates, engaged in battle with Sanji, the Straw Hat Pirates’ cook. The two clashed in a fierce fight, with Queen unleashing his powerful Zoan Devil Fruit abilities and Sanji utilizing his raid suit.

Sanji’s Raid Suit:

Sanji’s raid suit has become a valuable asset to him, especially in his fights against strong opponents. The technological marvel crafted by the Germa 66 enhances his strength, speed, and agility, making him an incredibly formidable opponent. With the aid of his raid suit, Sanji was able to gain the upper hand in his fight against Queen. The suit also grants Sanji new abilities such as invisibility, which he used to great effect in his battle against Page One earlier in the arc.

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Queen’s Apparent Demise:

In the final panels of chapter 1023, Queen was shown collapsed on the ground, seemingly defeated by Sanji. However, it is unclear if Queen is dead or merely unconscious. Fans have been speculating about Queen’s fate ever since the chapter’s release. The scene has been interpreted in different ways, and fans are divided on whether Queen is dead or not.

Did Sanji Kill Queen?

While it is unclear if Queen is dead, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that Sanji is responsible for his demise. One Piece has a strict policy against characters killing one another, and the series has consistently adhered to this rule throughout its run. It is unlikely that Sanji would break this rule, even in the heat of battle. However, some fans argue that Sanji’s raid suit grants him new abilities that could potentially be lethal, such as his invisible Diable Jambe attack. Others believe that Queen may have been weakened by his previous battles with other members of the Straw Hat crew, such as Zoro and Jinbe.


In conclusion, the fate of Queen remains uncertain. While he was shown to be defeated by Sanji in chapter 1023 of One Piece, it is unclear if he is dead or simply unconscious. There is no concrete evidence to suggest that Sanji is responsible for Queen’s supposed demise, and it is unlikely that the series would break its strict policy against characters killing one another. Fans will have to wait for future chapters of the manga to determine the true fate of Queen. Nonetheless, the fight between Sanji and Queen was a thrilling showdown that showcased the strengths and abilities of both characters, leaving fans eager to see what other surprises One Piece has in store.


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