Should you get Unicorn Overlord on Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 5?

If you’re considering purchasing Unicorn Overlord but unsure whether to opt for a copy on your Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 5, look no further.

After a decade of development, Unicorn Overlord finally hit the market on March 8 for various platforms, including Xbox Series X and S, PS4 and PS5, and Nintendo Switch. Vanillaware has clarified that the game won’t receive a PC port.

Now, if you already own multiple compatible platforms, you might be puzzled about the best option for Unicorn Overlord. But fear not, as this guide will assist you in choosing between the game versions on Nintendo Switch and PS5.

Unicorn Overlord performance on Nintendo Switch vs. PS5

Considering the hardware perspective, the PS5 should naturally outperform the Nintendo Switch in Unicorn Overlord. However, there are other factors to consider.

Sony’s latest console boasts a significantly faster CPU, memory, GPU, and supports up to 4K resolution. While the Nintendo Switch offers remarkable portability and a vast library of exclusive games, in terms of performance, the PS5’s enhanced features take the lead.

Based solely on hardware capabilities, the PS5 version of Unicorn Overlord is the clear choice. However, if you prioritize portability and enjoy gaming on the go, the Switch version is worth considering.

Having analyzed various comparisons of Unicorn Overlord’s Switch and PS5 versions, it’s evident that the Switch port is impressive compared to other Switch ports. While the PS5 graphics are sharper, the Switch version retains its beauty.

If you’re leaning towards purchasing the game on Switch, rest assured that players have reported minimal load times, excellent graphics output, and the art style being particularly suited for the handheld console. Additionally, you benefit from its portability.

With the Switch supporting up to 1080p resolution, if your monitor is capped at that resolution, the decision is straightforward—opt for the Switch port. Experiencing Unicorn Overlord’s old-school artwork at 4K may not outweigh the portability the Switch offers. For a visual comparison of performance between the two platforms, SwitchOver’s video below should provide insight.

Ultimately, Unicorn Overlord costs the same ($59.99) on both platforms, so ensure you prioritize your preferences—4K or portability at 1080p—before making your choice.

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