Best ways to farm XP in Fortnite Chapter 5, season 2

While many players diligently progress through their seasonal battle pass by completing quests, alternative methods exist for accumulating experience in Fortnite. Here are the most effective approaches to farming XP in Chapter Five, season two.

Optimal methods for farming experience in Fortnite Chapter Five, season two

Quest Completion

Chapter Five, season two introduces a plethora of new quests, with many offering 10,000 experience upon completion. These quests often involve uncovering island secrets or interacting with newly introduced or unvaulted items. While quests provide an excellent starting point, regular players may exhaust them quickly.

Engage in LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite can yield up to 30,000 XP every 15 minutes, presenting an exceptional XP source for those disinclined to participate in Battle Royale or Zero Build. Active participation in LEGO Fortnite is crucial to avoid being removed from the world. Dedicate time to this game mode, and you could potentially gain a level and a half every hour.

Explore Creative Maps

Creative maps offer opportunities for players to experiment or develop new skills. This season, diving into Creative maps can yield substantial experience and reveal additional facets of Fortnite. Keep in mind that the experience cap for these maps is 200,000; once reached, further XP accrual ceases.

Utilize AFK XP Maps

AFK maps serve as a lucrative XP source, with Chapter Five, season two presenting numerous glitches facilitating infinite experience acquisition. By loading up these maps, locating special buttons, and interacting with them, you can amass significant XP. Notably, content creator LOOTSTATION offers one of the most effective examples. Follow all instructions carefully and ensure to load the match in private to maximize experience gains.

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