Is there a Stellar Blade demo?

Another major PlayStation 5 exclusive for 2024, Stellar Blade delivers intense action and gripping gameplay, making a demo a significant opportunity to showcase its compelling premise.

Similar to Team Ninja’s Rise of the Ronin, Stellar Blade is exclusive to PS5 in 2024. Formerly known as Project Eve, this third-person action-packed game immerses players in fast-paced combat as they battle enemies and traverse its dystopian world.

Developed by Shift Up Second EVE Studio, Stellar Blade hasn’t received the same level of promotion as other titles with similar release windows. This lack of exposure makes a demo even more crucial. There has been some controversy surrounding the availability of a Stellar Blade demo, so let’s explore what we know so far.

Is the Stellar Blade demo available on PS5?

No, the Stellar Blade demo is not currently available on PlayStation 5 because it was removed from the PlayStation Store after an accidental release.

On March 9, a Stellar Blade demo became available for download and play on the PS Store. However, it was launched prematurely and was taken down from the storefront within thirty minutes of its release.

Despite its brief availability, many players managed to experience the demo before its scheduled release date of April 26.

For those who missed the opportunity to try the Stellar Blade demo, they will have to wait as Sony updated the game’s license, rendering the demo unplayable.

With the game still some time away from its release, it’s anticipated that the demo will be reinstated closer to the launch date. In the meantime, fortunate players who tried the demo have shared various demo content on YouTube for others to explore.

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