How to Get the Seppuku Ash of War in Elden Ring

Designed for those seeking power, even at the expense of their own health, Seppuku is considered by many Elden Ring players as a game-changing Ash of War, especially when paired with either the Uchigatana or the Nagakiba in Arcane/Dexterity builds. However, despite its potential, this Ash of War only becomes available after completing a significant portion of the game. Here’s where to find and how to acquire Seppuku in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Seppuku Location and How to Get

You can obtain the Seppuku Ash of War in Elden Ring by traveling to the frozen lake situated east of the Mountaintop of the Giants’ Freezing Lake Site of Grace. There, you must defeat the invisible Teardrop Scarab found in the marked location shown in the image below. If you’re visiting the area for the first time, the fog obscuring it will dissipate only after you defeat its boss, Borealis, the Freezing Fog.

Once in the designated area, you’ll be able to detect the invisible scarab by following their glowing trail. To dispatch the scarab easily and acquire the Seppuku Ash of War, position yourself in its path and execute an attack when the illuminated trail comes within reach. To enhance your chances of hitting the target, I recommend using fast weapons or those with large hitboxes, such as the Bloodhound’s Fang.

How to Duplicate the Seppuku Ash of War

You can duplicate Seppuku—as well as any other Ash of War you desire—by obtaining one Lost Ashes of War and consulting with Smithing Master Hewg at the Roundtable Hold. After conversing with Hewg, you can proceed to duplicate the Ash of War by following these steps:

  • Choose Ash of War Duplication.
  • Select the Ash of War you wish to duplicate (in this case, Ash of War: Seppuku).
  • Confirm duplication of the Ash of War by selecting Yes, at the cost of one Lost Ashes of War.

How Much Blood Loss Does Seppuku Add?

Seppuku adds a base amount of 30 Blood Loss and 30 Physical Attack to your chosen weapon. However, the effectiveness of the boost will depend directly on your Arcane total and the Arcane scaling of the affected weapon.

Using the skill will cost you 4 FP. Seppuku will also deplete approximately 15% of your HP and inflict Blood Loss upon you after each use. Its effect lasts for 60 seconds.

Elden Ring is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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