How to get mythic Hades’ Harbinger SMG in Fortnite Chapter 5, season 2

The deities of Greek mythology have invaded Fortnite in Chapter Five, season two, offering challenges to players. If you seek the Mythic Hades’ Harbinger SMG, there’s a specific path to obtain it.

Fortnite presents five Mythic weapons in Chapter Five, season two, each requiring distinct efforts to acquire. Obtaining these weapons demands substantial dedication and looting, so prepare for a challenging quest rather than immediate gratification.

The formidable Hades’ Harbinger SMG merits the effort, and the steps to obtain this Mythic weapon are outlined below.

How to acquire Hades’ Harbinger SMG in Fortnite

To secure the Mythic version of Hades’ Harbinger SMG in Fortnite, you must defeat the Hades NPC boss located in The Underworld. Be prepared for a formidable challenge and ensure you have ample weaponry and shields before confronting this adversary.

The Underworld resides in the northwest region of the map, distinguishable by its surrounding green waters. To locate Hades, head towards the southwest area of the Underworld and locate the Altar situated amidst a throne room and courtyard.

Approach the Altar and initiate a challenge to the boss by interacting with it. This action will commence the battle. Eliminate the minions that emerge, and eventually, Hades himself will materialize, initiating a formidable encounter against the Olympian deity.

Hades’ health bar will be displayed at the top of the screen. Focus your efforts on inflicting damage until you defeat him. Ensure you have an ample supply of ammunition, healing resources, and shields to increase your chances of success.

Upon vanquishing Hades, you will receive a substantial amount of experience, the Aspect of Siphon Medallion, and the Mythic Hades’ Harbinger SMG.

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