Ys X Nordics arrives in Europe: launch window for the PlayStation, Switch and PC versions

Nihon Falcom has finally announced the launch window for the European edition of Ys X Nordics , the new chapter of the JRPG series already available in Japan since September 28th last year.

The publisher confirmed that Ys In any case, this is good news for those who wish to venture into the most recent chapter of the role-playing series, arriving in PC formats (via Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG), PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch (it is also expected the arrival of the PC version in Japan on March 14). The game will support English and Japanese audio and English and French text, while the PC version will also support Japanese text.

“Experience the ultimate action RPG featuring Adol Christin, a legendary adventurer who left over a hundred adventure logs for posterity. Who are the immortal beings known as Griegers that appear in Obelia Bay? Take control of Adol and Karja to face frenetic battles, using dodges and dashes to defeat your enemies!” 

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