WoW SoD: How to get the Spellfrost Bolt Rune

World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery’s phase two introduced additional Runes to the original Azeroth, including the Spellfrost Bolt Mage Rune. This potent projectile spell can prove elusive if you’re unaware of where to find it.

Similar to most Runes in WoW Classic Season of Discovery, acquiring the Spellfrost Bolt spell requires gathering materials and completing an initial task before receiving your Rune. To obtain this Mage Rune, you must first acquire a Comprehension Charm and Spell Notes. Here’s what you need to know to locate this Rune.

Where to find the Spellfrost Bolt Rune in WoW SoD

To obtain the Spellfrost Bolt Rune in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery, head to Zul’Gurub in Stranglethorn Vale and farm the Skullsplitter Mystic mobs just outside. They have a chance to drop the Spell Notes: PELFRB STOLLOTS item.

Before embarking on your quest for the Spell Notes, ensure you have an ample supply of Comprehension Charms. These items enable Mages to decipher Spell Notes, often resulting in Rune or unique item rewards. Comprehension Charms are typically available in major cities from reagent vendors.

Skullsplitter Mystic mobs are typically level 39 to 40, so it’s advisable to wait until you’ve reached maximum level before attempting to farm them solo, or bring a group along for assistance. The drop rate for the Spell Notes item is relatively low, so anticipate spending some time farming.

Once you have the Spell Notes: PELFRB STOLLOTS item in your inventory, use the Comprehension Charm to decipher the notes, and you should receive your Rune as a reward.

Spellfrost Bolt Rune in WoW SoD, explained

Spellfrost Bolt is a Mage-exclusive Rune obtainable from Skullsplitter Mystics in Stranglethorn Vale. This instant-cast spell inflicts burst Spellfrost damage upon impact and can slow the target by 40 percent.

This spell significantly facilitates solo leveling for Mages. As a spellcaster, maintaining distance from targets is crucial, and the potent slow effect provided by Spellfrost can achieve just that. In group instances, this ability serves as a valuable kiting tool.

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