WoW SoD | How to get the Master of Subtlety Rune

If you’re a Rogue who prefers to operate in the shadows, then stealth is your greatest asset. While subtlety wasn’t a prominent Rogue trait in Season of Discovery phase one, the landscape has shifted with phase two. Now armed with 15 additional talent points, crafting a Rogue that excels in stealth is not just conceivable but remarkably potent.

The linchpin of this strategy lies in acquiring the Master of Subtlety Rune, a Boots Rune found in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. This rune grants a passive ability, boosting your damage by 10 percent while in stealth and for six seconds after breaking stealth. This augmentation is particularly advantageous in PvP scenarios, especially during the Blood Moon PvP event in Stranglethorn Vale, where lurking in the shadows to eliminate unsuspecting foes is a viable tactic.

Where to Find the Master of Subtlety Rune in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

Begin your quest in northern Stranglethorn Vale, reachable from Duskwood for Alliance or via the zeppelin to Grom’Gol from Undercity or Orgrimmar for Horde. Navigate to Kurzen’s Compound located in the far north, as indicated on the map.

At coordinates 44, 8, you’ll encounter Wendel Mathers imprisoned in a cage within a stone tower. Your mission is to liberate him, necessitating the acquisition of the cage key from the Kurzen NPCs in the vicinity through pickpocketing. Additionally, the key is rumored to drop from elites in the area, ranging from level 35 to 38. Ensure your character is adequately leveled before attempting this endeavor. Moreover, a locked chest in a nearby cave demands 125 Lockpicking skill to open.

Once you secure the key and access the chest, proceed to Wendel Mathers and facilitate his release. Exercise caution, as three stealthed Kurzen Rogues lurk nearby. Free Wendel swiftly and utilize Vanish to evade potential confrontation.

After freeing Wendel, make your way to Booty Bay and locate Captain Aransas on the boardwalk overlooking the ocean at coordinates 27.8, 76.6. Employ the “/tar Captain Aransas” command in chat to expedite your search. Engage Captain Aransas in conversation to obtain the Rune of Subtlety from her, enabling you to unlock the Master of Subtlety passive ability in your inventory. Additionally, she rewards you with Jani’s Charm, an Uncommon Trinket essential for assisting Priests in acquiring their Dispersion Rune.

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