WoW SoD | How to get Deeper Wilds skill book

Deeper Wilds is a Druid spell introduced in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery phase two. This spell augments the effectiveness of your Mark of the Wild buff by 50 percent and extends its duration by 50. Unlike runes, which are inscribed onto your gear and are limited to one at a time, spells like Deeper Wilds are obtained through skill books. Once learned, they can be permanently integrated into your character’s repertoire.

Given that Mark of the Wild is one of the most valuable buffs in the game, particularly for Druids, acquiring this skill book is highly desirable.

Here’s where you can locate the Deeper Wilds skill book in WoW Classic Season of Discovery phase two.

Where does the Deeper Wilds skill book drop in WoW SoD?

The most direct method to obtain the Deeper Wilds skill book is by participating in dungeons during the Season of Discovery, especially those within the level 25-40 bracket.

According to reports from players on the WoW database Wowhead, the Deeper Wilds skill book is dropped by Houndmaster Loksey, the initial boss in the Scarlet Monastery’s Library wing. Many skill books have been observed to drop from dungeon bosses during phase two of SoD, and the WoW community has identified Scarlet Monastery and its four distinct wings as the primary location for certain sought-after skill books to drop.

While skill books may potentially drop from any dungeon boss, targeting Houndmaster Loksey in the Scarlet Monastery Library offers the best odds of obtaining the Deeper Wilds spell for your Druid.

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