WoW SoD | Defensive Magics 101 Mage book Location

Defensive Magics 101 is among the eight Mage books introduced during the second phase of WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery. These books are scattered throughout phase two-relevant leveling zones such as Dustwallow Marsh and Stranglethorn Vale.

If a Mage player interacts with all eight books and returns them to their faction’s Mage trainer in either Stormwind or Orgrimmar, they will receive the Spell Power rune as a reward. This rune, engraved on the feet armor slot, boosts the critical strike damage of all spells by 50 percent.

Defensive Magics 101 is likely one of the first Mage books you’ll encounter in phase two. Positioned in the Alterac Mountains, this book serves as a neutral pickup without any faction requirements. Here’s where to locate it in WoW SoD.

Where to find Defensive Magics 101 in the Alterac Mountains

You can find Defensive Magics 101 inside a tower at coordinates [48, 58] in the Alterac Mountains. Fortunately, this tower stands out as one of the first structures upon entering the Alterac Mountains from the Hillsbrad Foothills. If you approach the zone from the main road passing Tarren Mill, you’ll spot this tower as the initial structure.


Ensure you have the quest “Crushridge Bounty” in your log before heading to this area to optimize your time in this section of Alterac.

After dealing with the Crushridge Brutes and Ogres nearby, you’ll have a clear path to the tower. Inside, there will be an additional ogre on the single floor. Defeat it, and you’ll find the book, labeled simply as “manual,” on the right side of the room atop some boxes.

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