WoW: Dragonflight – How to Open the Unwaking Echo Treasure

The vast expanse of the Emerald Dream has been open for exploration, but chances are, you haven’t uncovered all of its secrets yet. Join the hunt for one of its well-concealed treasures, and in return, earn a stylish cosmetic dagger and boost your Wardens reputation.

Unwaking Echo Treasure Guide and Contents

To locate the Unwaking Echo treasure, head to the tiny island marked on the Emerald Dream map shown below:

Emerald Dream Map

Upon reaching the island, you’ll find the cache cleverly hidden in the tall grass (assuming you have your ground clutter density up). The cache is outlined in purple and positioned at the base of a large tree, as illustrated below.

Treasure Location

However, opening the treasure in the physical realm is not an option. The error message states that the treasure “can only be opened in your dreams.” Fortunately, in the Emerald Dream, an out-of-body experience is just a quick snooze away.

To unlock the chest, use the command /sleep to enter a lucid dream. Approach the cache while in your dream state to access its contents.

The treasure holds Dragon Isles supplies, 200 Dream Wardens Reputation, and the Camper’s Knife cosmetic dagger appearance. If your current character can’t equip daggers, worry not—the Camper’s Knife is bind on account, allowing you to store it in your bank and use it on another character to unlock the appearance across your entire account.

And for those aiming to enhance their Dream Wardens renown, visit the Central Encampment before embarking on this quest. Pick up “A Worthy Ally: The Dream Wardens” for a quick 200 Renown, contributing significantly to the completion of this weekly quest.

The Emerald Dream is teeming with unlockables and discoveries, including Superblooms, Dreamseed caches, and Dream Wardens Renown rewards. Whether you’re a seasoned visitor to the Emerald Dream or exploring it for the first time, we’ve got you covered.

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