WoW Classic to buff leveling with XP and gold gains

For numerous WoW Classic Season of Discovery participants, reaching level 40 during phase two has proven to be quite demanding. As a result, the Blizzard team has implemented three new adjustments to expedite the process, which will be introduced to the game shortly.

To ensure proper gearing up and to maximize these heightened experience gains, the base gold reward for all quest rewards for players levels 1-39 will be augmented. This adjustment aims to “make questing while leveling more profitable.” However, this bonus will not impact players who have already reached level 40, nor will it affect the additional gold earned through XP conversion upon completing quests at level 40.

In addition to spells and gear, the increased gold earned will significantly contribute to acquiring a mount, as the cost of normal racial mounts and mount training will be reduced by “roughly half” at level 40. The developers emphasized that there are “no changes planned at this time” for the costs of epic mounts at level 60.

Upon the launch of phase three of Season of Discovery in a couple of months, the WoW Classic team will consider additional leveling adjustments when the level cap is raised to 50. The tedious process of leveling has been a major concern among WoW Classic enthusiasts for quite some time, particularly for players transitioning from the accelerated XP experience of current retail WoW.

Based on personal experience, the challenges of leveling and the seemingly insufficient amount of money earned from questing while leveling were both significant issues. Therefore, it’s promising news for all grinders that the experience is receiving a significant boost. The game is expected to undergo temporary maintenance on March 5, and the new changes will be implemented shortly afterward.

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