Why are my Major Orders not progressing in Helldivers 2?

Major Orders in Helldivers 2 appear enticing and offer an excellent opportunity to earn additional rewards. However, understanding these special quests can prove perplexing for fans, particularly when it comes to monitoring progression.

While most Major Orders entail straightforward objectives like winning Defend Campaigns against the Automatons, players may encounter confusion regarding their progression. For instance, after experiencing a loss followed by a victory, I found my progression bar stuck at zero. Upon closer examination, I realized my misconception about this quest type, as its progression isn’t solely linked to individual gameplay.

Are Major Orders bugged in Helldivers 2?

Major Orders are not bugged in Helldivers 2. The misconception arises because they are community tasks rather than individual quests.

By completing missions, players contribute to Major Orders. Progress becomes evident as Helldivers 2’s player base collectively achieves the objective for the entire planet, ultimately liberating it. Continuous mission completion is crucial, as each successful mission counts toward the Major Order efforts.

While aiding the joint efforts in Helldivers 2, you can enhance your contribution with optimal loadouts. Equipping the highest-ranked weapons from our weapon tier list ensures a substantial impact on the community offensive.

How to claim Major Order rewards in Helldivers 2?

Major Order rewards should automatically appear in your account. If not, restarting the game may resolve the issue. Additionally, reward distribution delays might occur during server problems, which should resolve as Helldivers 2 gains more servers.

Although Major Order rewards may seem modest to some, considering them as part of your democratic duty in Helldivers 2, it’s challenging to decline.

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