Who Was the Beast Titan Before Zeke Yeager?

With the recent surge in Attack on Titan’s popularity, the mysterious side characters are gaining the spotlight. Among them is Zeke Yeager, the Beast Titan, who has become a prominent figure in the fourth season. However, the identity of the previous Beast Titan before Zeke remains shrouded in mystery. Let’s delve into Zeke’s history, his relationships, and the revelations that shaped his character.

The History Between Zeke and Tom Ksaver

History between Zeke and Tom Ksaver

Zeke Yeager, the son of Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz, inherited the Beast Titan from Tom Ksaver at the age of 17. His parents were part of a group aiming to overthrow the Marleyan government and restore Eldia’s power. Grisha’s intense focus on Zeke’s skills as a warrior, rather than his overall well-being, created a rift between them.

Amidst the complexities of his upbringing, Zeke found solace in Tom Ksaver, a soldier who inherited the Beast Titan for scientific research rather than combat. Their camaraderie provided Zeke with emotional support, contrasting sharply with his strained relationship with his parents.

Tom’s perspective on Eldian history and his disapproval of the warrior program resonated with Zeke, leading to a deepening bond. Eventually, Zeke’s loyalty to his parents waned, and he turned to Tom for understanding.


Tensions escalated when Zeke overheard Marleyan authorities closing in on the Eldian restorationists. In a desperate attempt to protect his parents, Zeke informed the authorities about their plans, resulting in their arrest. This pivotal moment marked Zeke’s betrayal of his family and his embrace of Marleyan objectives.

Inheriting the Beast Titan from Tom Ksaver, Zeke became a key figure in the Marleyan mission, leveraging his unique abilities as a powerful asset.

Zeke’s Personality Explained

Zeke, while not the most exceptional soldier, exhibits remarkable intelligence and leadership. Initially perceived as cruel and cold-blooded, Zeke’s complex personality evolved over time. He prioritizes Marley’s mission goals over personal considerations, showcasing qualities cultivated during his tumultuous journey.

Zeke's Personality

Despite negative views toward Eldians due to his family’s extreme devotion to Eldia, Zeke secretly worked towards Eldian freedom. His relationships with peers and subordinates reflected a two-faced demeanor—warm and humble with peers, yet sarcastic and cruel with those under him.

Beast Titan Abilities

Beast Titan Abilities

The Beast Titan possesses formidable abilities, with Zeke demonstrating its power effectively:

  1. Rock Throwing: Zeke, in his Beast Titan form, showcases the ability to throw massive rocks with remarkable accuracy, causing devastating damage.
  2. Titan Transformation: The Beast Titan can turn humans into pure Titans through its roar, granting control over their actions.
  3. Hardening Ability: Like other Titans, the Beast Titan can harden its skin, creating a protective shell against attacks.

Zeke’s Plan

Zeke's Plan

In the latest season, Zeke unveils a controversial plan to sterilize all Eldians, eliminating their ability to reproduce. His rationale stems from a desire to prevent new life from entering a cruel world, thereby ending suffering caused by war and oppression.

Despite Eren initially supporting Zeke’s plan, a last-minute betrayal reveals Eren’s commitment to his friends and the Eldian cause. Zeke’s intricate plan and the ensuing conflict contribute to the complex narrative of Attack on Titan’s final chapters.

Zeke Yeager’s journey from a conflicted warrior to a key player in the fate of Eldians unfolds through intricate relationships, betrayals, and the burden of inherited power. As the story unfolds, the enigma surrounding the Beast Titan and Zeke’s motives continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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