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Who is Misery, Big Mom’s New Powerful Homie

In the vast and exciting world of “One Piece,” mysteries abound, and new characters continually emerge to captivate the imagination of fans. One such intriguing character is Misery, Big Mom’s powerful homie. With her enigmatic presence and formidable abilities, Misery has become a topic of speculation and interest among avid followers of the series. In this article, we will delve into the depths of Misery’s origin, explore her powers, and assess her overall strength in the grand scheme of “One Piece.”

1. The Origins of Misery: A New Homie

Homies, in the world of “One Piece,” are living beings born from inanimate objects infused with fragments of a powerful soul. Misery, introduced as Big Mom’s new homie, carries an air of mystery surrounding her creation and origin. While specific details about her birth are yet to be revealed, it is clear that Misery possesses an extraordinary level of strength and allegiance to Big Mom.

2. Unveiling Misery’s Powers

a) Soul Manipulation: Misery demonstrates the ability to manipulate souls, a skill often associated with homies and powerful characters in the “One Piece” universe. Through her mastery of this power, she can potentially control and manipulate the souls of other beings, granting her a significant advantage in battle and influencing her surroundings.

b) Energy Projection: Misery is capable of unleashing powerful energy projectiles, inflicting devastating damage upon her foes. These energy-based attacks showcase her offensive capabilities and further emphasize her formidable strength.

c) Regeneration: As a homie, Misery possesses the ability to regenerate herself. This inherent trait makes her an incredibly resilient opponent, capable of enduring significant damage and quickly recovering from injuries.

d) Intangibility: Misery has displayed the ability to phase through solid objects, rendering her immune to conventional physical attacks. This intangibility grants her exceptional versatility in combat situations, making her a challenging adversary to confront head-on.

3. Misery’s Role in Big Mom’s Crew

As a newly introduced character, Misery’s role within Big Mom’s crew is yet to be fully explored. However, it is reasonable to speculate that she plays a significant part in strengthening Big Mom’s forces. With her formidable powers and undying loyalty, Misery potentially enhances Big Mom’s influence and contributes to her reputation as one of the most formidable Yonko in the “One Piece” world.

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4. Misery’s Strength Evaluation

a) Comparative Power: While Misery’s true strength remains a subject of speculation, her powers and association with Big Mom suggest that she is a force to be reckoned with. In terms of comparative power, she likely stands alongside the other powerful homies under Big Mom’s command, such as Prometheus and Zeus.

b) Versatility in Combat: Misery’s unique abilities, including soul manipulation, energy projection, regeneration, and intangibility, make her a versatile combatant. Her skills enable her to adapt to various scenarios, turning the tide of battle in her favor.

c) Potential Threat: Misery’s power and allegiance to Big Mom make her a potential threat to the protagonists of “One Piece.” As the series progresses, it is plausible to expect confrontations where Misery showcases her true strength, potentially posing a formidable challenge to Luffy and his crew.


Misery, Big Mom’s new powerful homie, brings an air of mystery and intrigue to the world of “One Piece.” With her unique abilities, including soul manipulation, energy projection, regeneration, and intangibility, she stands as a formidable force within Big Mom’s crew. As the series continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Misery’s character will develop and how her powers will be further explored. Fans eagerly anticipate future encounters that will shed light on Misery’s true strength and role in the grand tapestry of “One Piece.”


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