Which LoL champion says ‘On Wings of Fury’?

Today’s LoLdle quote presents a challenge, prompting you to match the champion to the quote “On wings of fury” from the League of Legends guessing game.

You’re on the right path, although this quote is a bit tricky⁠—it’s actually spoken by a shapeshifter, even though they eventually gain the ability to fly.

Hints for today’s LoLdle quote

Before revealing the quote, here are some character hints for LoLdle 585 on Feb. 11:

  • Added in 2011.
  • Known as “The Half-Dragon.”
  • Typically played in the top lane or jungle.
  • Utilizes melee attacks.

Who says “On wings of fury” in League?

“On wings of fury” is a quote uttered by Shyvana, the Half-Dragon, while in motion during League matches. Interestingly, this line is heard when Shyvana is in her human form, despite the quote referencing wings.

While the correct answer is Shyvana, it’s understandable if you initially guessed Vayne. One of Vayne’s default movement quotes bears a striking resemblance, as the Night Hunter occasionally declares she moves “on wings of night.” This similarity can be confusing, especially considering the characters’ distinct lore.

You can listen to the “On wings of fury” quote [here](audio link).

Shyvana holds a significant place in League history as the original dragon character in the roster. While dragon enthusiasts now have Aurelion Sol and, more recently, Smolder, Shyvana stood as the primary fire-breathing winged lizard for a considerable time, renowned for her explosive Flame Breath ability.

If you’re eager to try playing Shyvana, she excels as a jungler in League Season 14 and commonly builds Liandry’s Torment and Spear of Shojin.

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