Where to Use Spirit Carps in Genshin Impact

Ah, fellow Genshin Impact wanderers, I bet you’ve stumbled upon the mystical Chenyu Vale in your travels, right? And hey, did you manage to scoop up a bunch of those elusive Spirit Carps? If you did, good news – there’s some sweet loot waiting for you if you know where to take those aquatic wonders.

Where to Use the Spirit Carps in Genshin Impact

So, about those Spirit Carps, you can cash them in at the Rainjade Oblation spot, tucked away at the Chiwang Terrace in Chenyu Vale. It’s like unlocking a secret stash of treasures. To get there, finish up the main questline (Chenyu’s Blessings of Sunken Jade) and kick off the A Wangshan Walk to Remember blue quest with Huang the Third in Yilong Wharf. Timing doesn’t matter here; start it whenever you fancy.

Once you’ve wrapped up that questline, stick with Wangshan Walk until you land The Cloud-Padded Path to the Chiwang Repose quest. This will guide you to the Rainjade Oblation, the holy grail of Spirit Carp redemption.

Now, gather those Carps in batches of five and watch the goodies roll in. With a total of 50 Spirit Carps scattered around Chenyu Vale, it won’t be a marathon like hunting Crimson Agathes in Dragonspine or chasing Lumenspar in the Chasm.

Things get even breezier after snagging 40 Spirit Carps. You unlock the Votive Rainjade’s Revelation function, which practically puts a GPS on the remaining Carps on your map. No more Carps playing hide and seek – they come to you! Plus, there’s a nifty achievement waiting for you once you’ve aced the Oblation.

Now, a little heads up – Chenyu’s Blessings quests can be a tad time-consuming, especially if you’re a dialogue aficionado. Whether you savor every line or blaze through it, set aside some quality time.

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