Where to Get Griffin Feathers in Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Similar to other role-playing games, advancing in Granblue Fantasy: Relink necessitates upgrading your gear and equipment. One of the essential items required for upgrades is Griffin Feathers. Acquiring and farming these feathers might pose challenges, so here’s a comprehensive guide on both aspects.

Each gear and Sigil upgrade in Granblue Fantasy: Relink demands a specific quantity of particular items. While some items are easily obtainable, others may require more effort and be less straightforward to find. Griffin Feathers are crucial not only for gear upgrades but also for completing certain side-quests for additional XP.

To acquire Griffin Feathers, as the name implies, you must defeat a Griffin. This formidable foe is encountered as a boss enemy for the first time in Chapter 6: In Search of Hope. Therefore, progressing to this stage of the game is necessary to confront and vanquish the Griffin.

Battling the Griffin is relatively manageable, although melee players may find it challenging as the creature often remains airborne. Utilizing long-range weaponry can greatly aid your efforts. Additionally, Griffins are susceptible to Fire damage, so deploying a character with fire-based abilities can prove advantageous.

Upon defeating the Griffin, you’ll receive your initial supply of Griffin Feathers. Subsequently, you’ll unlock the “Only You Can Prevent Forest Flyers” quest, accessible from either Folca or Seedhollow. This quest entails slaying Griffins and can be repeated indefinitely. For further guidance, consulting The Gaming Golem’s instructional video is recommended.

Upon attaining the Veteran Skyfarere rank, another quest titled “Drumsticks Au Griffin” becomes available. Completing and replaying this quest yields a higher quantity of feathers, along with additional items such as Griffin Talons and Flawed Prisms.

Here’s a summarized overview of the main steps to acquire Griffin Feathers:

  • Progress to Chapter 6 of the game
  • Complete the “Only You Can Prevent Forest Flyer” Quest
  • To farm feathers, replay this mission from the Quest Counter

Griffin feathers are required for nearly every pre-Hard gear upgrade. Certain weapons, like the Captain’s Sword of Eos, have level caps that can be unlocked with Griffin Feathers. Additionally, various Sigils, such as Attack Power or Critical Hit Rate, can only be upgraded using Griffin Feathers.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink is accessible on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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