Where to find Unrivaled Blastoise Tera Raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Starting from Tuesday, March 5 at 6pm CT until Tuesday, March 12 at 6:59pm CT, Blastoise will be making waves across the Paldea region during a challenging week of seven-star Tera Raids. Positioned between the Venusaur Tera Raid event and the anticipated return of Charizard Tera Raids, the formidable Blastoise will dominate with the Mightiest Mark and the Steel Tera Type, promising a formidable battle.

How to find Unrivaled Blastoise Tera Raids

Finding the Unrivaled Blastoise Tera Raids is straightforward once you’ve unlocked seven-star raids. Follow these steps during the event period:

  • Ensure your device is connected to the internet and check for the latest news in the Poké Portal.
  • Access your Paldea map and locate the black Tera Raid icon with the Steel Tera Type symbol. Set this as your destination and fly to the nearest Pokémon Center or landmark.
  • Mount Koraidon or Miraidon and follow the orange flag on the minimap to reach your destination.
  • Interact with the black crystal Tera den to confirm it’s a seven-star raid featuring Blastoise’s silhouette.
  • Alternatively, join an online raid hosted by another player using the Tera Raid Battle Search feature in the Poké Portal (requires a Nintendo Switch Online membership).

How to catch Blastoise

There are several ways to obtain Blastoise, including defeating it in the Unrivaled Tera Raid, encountering its pre-evolution in the wild, trading with other trainers, or transferring one from another game.

To acquire a Blastoise with the rare Mightiest Mark, you must defeat it in the Unrivaled Tera Raid event. As a seven-star raid, this battle requires preparation, well-trained Pokémon, and a solid strategy. Given Blastoise’s Steel Tera Type, aim to deal super-effective damage with Ground, Fire, or Fighting-type moves.

Outside of the Tera Raid event, you can catch a wild Squirtle, evolve it into Wartortle, and then into Blastoise, provided you have The Indigo Disk DLC. Wild Squirtle can be found in the Terarium’s Canyon Biome at Blueberry Academy after upgrading the biomes.

If you miss the raid event or lack the DLC, you can trade with other players for a Blastoise or transfer one from another game via Pokémon HOME.

Can you catch more than one Blastoise

Unfortunately, you can only catch one Unrivaled Blastoise during the Tera Raid event. While you can challenge the raid multiple times, the game prevents you from catching another Blastoise with the Mightiest Mark, even after successfully completing the raid again.

If you desire multiple Blastoise, you can breed, catch, trade, or transfer more. However, these methods will not yield a Blastoise with the Mightiest Mark, exclusive to the seven-star raid.

the best Nature for Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise

Blastoise and its pre-evolutions excel in defense, making defensive Natures ideal. Given their lack of speed, Natures that boost Defense or Special Defense while lowering Speed are optimal, such as Relaxed (+ Defense, – Speed) or Sassy (+ Special Defense, – Speed). These negative Speed Natures are beneficial under Trick Room, allowing slower Pokémon to move first and enabling Blastoise to function as a mixed attacker without sacrificing physical or special prowess.

With Blastoise’s higher Special Defense, a Sassy nature provides substantial benefits, enhancing its ability to withstand Electric-type attacks. The negative Speed nature also complements moves like Gyro Ball, which gains strength when the user is slower than the target, particularly effective for Steel Tera Type Blastoise.

Alternatively, a Relaxed nature enhances Blastoise’s Defense further, synergizing with moves like Iron Defense. After setting up, Blastoise can utilize its boosted Defense for attacks such as Body Press, based on the user’s Defense stat.

For a more offensive approach, consider physical or special routes, with Blastoise’s Attack and Special Attack stats being closely matched. Choose Modest (+ Special Attack, – Attack) for a special Blastoise or a physical nature (+ Attack, – Special Attack) for physical. Utilize Shell Smash to boost offensive stats and Speed, allowing Blastoise to deal significant damage with moves like Wave Crash, Hydro Pump, or Water Spout.

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