Where to find the Secret Cocktail Recipe in Granblue Fantasy Relink

Finding a Secret Cocktail Recipe in Granblue Fantasy: Relink might seem straightforward, but it can turn into a bit of a challenge if you’re unsure where to search.

This particular side quest, known as The Forbidden Spirit, becomes accessible in Chapter 6 when you arrive at the city of Seedhollow. In this city, you’ll encounter a city guard who tasks you with locating a Secret Cocktail Recipe. Fortunately, this isn’t a task reserved for a super challenging Proud quest or something you must farm for during the endgame. Instead, the recipe is treated as an Archive Entry, represented by glowing purple orbs scattered throughout Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

Indeed, the recipe can be found somewhere within Seedhollow. However, the layout of the city can be a bit perplexing, and since there’s no map available, it’s easy to become disoriented. Hence, we’ll guide you directly to the location of the recipe.

How to complete The Forbidden Spirit sidequest in Granblue Fantasy Relink

First and foremost, where would you naturally expect to find a cocktail recipe? In a bar, naturally. In fact, you may have already visited the pertinent bar as part of the main storyline. But if you’re struggling to locate the bar or have already visited it and forgotten how to return, here’s how to get there:

To reach the bar, begin by positioning yourself at the entrance to the main marketplace. You can reach this spot by ascending the stairs directly from the docks. Upon reaching the top, turn left and navigate around the marketplace, passing the Quest Counter. Keep to the left side, and you’ll notice a set of stairs leading downward. Avoid these stairs and proceed past the stall directly in front of you, then ascend the stairs to your right.

As you progress, take the first available right turn, leading you into an alleyway. Follow this path and then turn left at the bottom of the stairs. Ahead, you’ll see a bridge; veer left before crossing it and descend another set of stairs. Continue forward, and you’ll encounter the entrance to the bar, marked by a sign depicting a frothing mug of beer hanging above it. Head to the back of the bar, where you’ll find a purple orb waiting to be collected.

With the recipe secured, you can swiftly warp back to the client using the side quest menu. As a reward for obtaining the recipe, you’ll receive 10,000 rupies, two Champion Merits (essential for forging new weapons), and a Critical Damage II Sigil, enhancing a character’s critical hits’ damage when equipped.

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