Where to find Huge Scorching Eggs in Palworld

As you explore the numerous islands in Palworld, there will be lots of diverse critters that will lay different sorts of Eggs—including rare Huge Scorching Eggs that will quickly capture your notice.

Compared to other Eggs in the game, the Huge Scorching Egg is significantly bigger and is colored with a brilliant yellow and red hue with a flaming graphic surrounding it. These are also considerably rarer than ordinary Eggs and, as a consequence, will offer a rare Pal when successfully hatched.

Although you may have some of your high-tier Fire-type Pals breed for a shot at this Egg, there is also a possibility that you’ll come into this item on your travels with your pals. You will, however, have to travel out to one of the more risky spots on the map if you want the highest chance of locating one in the wild.

Huge Scorching Egg locations in Palworld

One of the sure-fire areas where you may locate a Huge Scorching Egg in Palworld is in the Volcano at the extreme southeast region of the map. You’ll also have to climb all the way up the volcano itself and start your search in the region surrounding the Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre.

There are lots of high-level Pals that will attack you if you wander too near to them, and you’ll also need some heat-resistant equipment to withstand the growing temperatures in this location. Without this armor, you will start to overheat and regularly receive damage when you wander near to the burning heat of this gigantic volcano.

I would also suggest that you bring a flying mount to hunt for any Huge Scorching Eggs as it will help you to avoid any unneeded conflicts with Pals while also scanning over a big amount of area in a short period of time.

What Pals can you hatch from Huge Scorching Eggs?

At the present, you may acquire either a Suzaku or a Blazehowl Noct from one of these Eggs, with the latter being one of the strongest Pals in the game. If you’re attempting to catch one of these Pals without battling them in the wild, seeking for one of these Eggs is your best choice.

How to hatch Huge Scorching Eggs in Palworld

Like all of the other Eggs in the game, you will need an Egg Incubator to hatch a Huge Scorching Egg. Although you may just leave the Egg in the incubator, you can also boost the temperature surrounding the incubator if you desire to speed up the countdown period for hatching. The Egg Incubator’s placement on the map and the Pals you assign to it at your base will all effect the incubation speed.

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