Where to find Hoocrates in Palworld

Hoocrates in Palworld is among the initial creatures you can capture using a Pal Sphere. However, this bird can only be secured during specific hours.

Hoocrates in Palworld location

Hoocrates in Palworld can be located east of the Grassy Behemoth Hills fast travel point and north of the Plateau of Beginnings region. However, you won’t spot this owl during daylight hours. Being nocturnal, you’ll encounter this Pal during the night. It’s advisable to carry a torch for easy navigation in the pitch-black darkness.

You’ll usually find Hoocrates in Palworld in groups of two or three. These Pals are of low level, so ensure you bring along a Pal within that range to easily capture these owls.

What does Hoocrates help with at the camp?

Hoocrates in Palworld remains active for extended periods, allowing it to work both day and night at your camp. However, its capabilities are limited to gathering resources at the campsite, making this Pal somewhat less useful in that regard. Nevertheless, having it in your party will enhance the attack power of Dark-type Pals, thanks to its Partner Skill.

If you opt to butcher your Hoocrates (which is quite ruthless), you may obtain Fiber and, if you’re fortunate, a High-Grade Technical Manual.

There are several other helpful Pals you can capture, including Arsox, Felbat, and Bushi. Additionally, you can hatch eggs to acquire new Pals. Hopefully, you’ll manage to capture every Pal in the world to complete your Paldex.

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