Where Is the Save Game Location in Enshrouded?

Enshrouded, recently launched as Early Access, is a survival game where progress and thriving are paramount, making your save files invaluable. In this guide, you can discover the location of the Enshrouded save game files.

The Location of Enshrouded Save Game Files

When utilizing Steam Cloud, Enshrouded save files are located in the main folder of the Steam application, typically found in Drive C. To locate the saved files, follow these steps:

  • Open File Explorer from the Start menu or by pressing Windows + E
  • Navigate to this path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\yourSteamID\1203620\remote
  • For backup, simply copy the remote folder and paste it somewhere safe on your hard drive

If you do not use Steam’s cloud services, saved games will be located in the Saved Games folder within the Users folder on Drive C. In the Saved Games folder, you can find the Enshrouded save files. As before, copy and paste them to a safe location for backup.

Your save files encompass all the progress you’ve achieved in the Enshrouded game. For various reasons, such as backing up your saved files, knowing their location is essential. Depending on whether you utilize the Steam Cloud, the location will vary. To check if Steam Cloud is enabled, simply check the game in your library. If you see the ‘Cloud Status’ Updated, then you are using the Cloud service.

Enshrouded is currently available as Early Access on PC and is set to be released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in late 2024.

Hwei’s ability, A Brush With Fate, showcases his magical skills as a painter and caster. He draws a paint pool around units, healing allies and damaging enemies based on his Ability Power. Hwei heals allies within the painted pool every second for three seconds for 40/60/1000 percent of his Ability Power. After the time is up, the paint pool explodes, providing allies with extra healing for 120/180/1000 percent of his AP, while also dealing 220/330/1000 AP damage to enemies.

A Brush With Fate draws inspiration from Hwei’s ultimate ability in League, Spiraling Despair. In Riot’s MOBA, Hwei is renowned for his complex kit, which includes ten different abilities. Thanks to this, the TFT team had numerous options to choose from for his ability in the auto battler.

Noemi Coute, Game Designer at TFT, mentioned that Hwei was introduced during Set 11’s development stage quite late, and the team had various variations they wanted to test for him. “A lot of them were too confusing,” continued Coute. The team eventually simplified the process and opted for his ultimate to avoid creating an overly intricate ability and to enhance readability on the board.

Hwei arrives on TFT with Patch 14.6, alongside 60 other units.

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