When does Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD release?

Nintendo is revisiting its Mario spin-off collection and introducing several classics to the Switch in 2024, including a visually upgraded version of the second Luigi’s Mansion. Despite its release being well beyond spooky season, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD will soon join the Switch’s library, offering another eerie adventure.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD drops the Dark Moon title it previously carried when it debuted in English on the Nintendo 3DS, aligning it with the rest of the series. It marks the game’s debut on another platform, making the original Luigi’s Mansion the sole title from the trilogy absent on the Switch. But when can players join Professor E. Gadd and delve into the numerous mansions hidden within this sequel?

What is the Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD release date? 

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on July 27, eleven years after its initial release in March 2013 on the 3DS. This announcement was made during MAR10 Day 2024 on March 10. 

This isn’t a remake but rather a visually enhanced HD version of the 3DS classic. It will introduce several new features, such as the option for local or online four-player challenges in the ScareScraper, not available in the main game. Additionally, updates will be made to the gameplay experience, departing from the more open exploration approach seen in its predecessor and sequel.

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