When does double XP end in MW3?

Modern Warfare 3’s double XP weekends present an ideal opportunity for players to catch up if they’re lagging behind the competition.

In CoD: MW3, there are three types of XP: Rank XP, which pertains to player level; weapon XP, which tracks individual gun progression; and battle pass XP, which determines the speed at which battle pass tokens are earned. While double XP tokens can expedite the process, relying solely on them isn’t always feasible, especially with over 121 weapons and the potential to advance well beyond level 250.

That’s where double XP events come in handy, allowing for faster progression without the need for tokens.

When does MW3’s latest double XP event end?

The most recent MW3 double XP event began on Feb. 23 and is set to conclude on Tuesday, Feb. 27. Originally scheduled to end on Feb. 26, Sledgehammer Games extended the event due to server issues that disrupted multiplayer and Warzone for most of Feb. 23.

Players can determine if a double XP event is ongoing by accessing their token selection screen, where a blue banner indicates the event’s live status.

To maximize their double XP time, multiplayer enthusiasts should focus on Hardcore Quick Play and Small Map Moshpit playlists, as the fast-paced gameplay facilitates high-kill matches and quicker XP gains. Warzone aficionados may opt for Resurgence mode over the traditional battle royale, as its redeploy mechanics and smaller maps encourage more frequent engagements.

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