When does Cait Sith join the party in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

Cait Sith is among the charming characters in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Although he doesn’t initially join the crew, his appearance and abilities leave a lasting impression, making him one of the most memorable characters in the series.

If you’re curious about when Cait Sith joins Cloud’s party, keep reading. This guide will provide the details on when Cait Sith becomes a part of the party in FF7 Rebirth.

When does Cait Sith join the party

Cait Sith, the friendly anthropomorphic feline, makes his debut in FF7 Rebirth. As in the original game, the party encounters him at the Golden Saucer. This occurs in Chapter Eight, where he accompanies the crew on their adventure passively. He officially becomes a member of the party at the outset of Chapter Nine.

Once Cait Sith joins the party, players gain control over him, allowing customization of his abilities, accessories, and items. In battle, Cait fulfills the role of a caster and support character, wielding Megaphones as his primary weapon. Notably, he is accompanied by his sizable Moogle companion, whom players can summon using the ability Let’s Ride. This summons the Moogle to inflict damage on enemies independently or alongside Cait, who rides it to access new skills and abilities. However, the Moogle spawns with its own health bar upon summoning. If it sustains sufficient damage, it will collapse and only return upon being summoned again.

Furthermore, Cait can utilize his Magic Mogbox skills, enabling him to roll a die for a random effect, ranging from offensive attacks to buffs and healing abilities.

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