When do you get Cait Sith in FF7 Rebirth?

Cait Sith, the cat riding a chubby moogle, makes a cameo appearance in Final Fantasy VII Remake. While marketing suggests Cait Sith is playable in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, when exactly does this character join your party?

Similar to the original Final Fantasy VII, Cait Sith debuts when the party visits the Golden Saucer. In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, this event unfolds during Chapter 8. However, Cait Sith initially accompanies the group passively and officially becomes a party member at the onset of Chapter 9.

Cait Sith presents an intriguing addition to the party. Unlike the PS1 version where the cat is almost always seen with its moogle, in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Cait Sith enters combat solo. To summon the Moogle, players must utilize a specific ability, significantly altering Cait Sith’s combat dynamics.

However, it’s important to note that the Moogle possesses its own health bar. Once depleted, it vanishes. To call it back into action, players must utilize the “Let’s Ride” ability once again.

So, to emphasize, Cait Sith becomes a playable party member at the start of Chapter 9.

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