What to do with Coins in Anime Last Stand

Creating the ultimate tower defense army in Anime Last Stand demands both time and resources. However, if you find yourself with ample currency but uncertain about its usage, here’s how to make the most of Coins in Anime Last Stand.

How to use Coins in Anime Last Stand

Currently, spending Coins in Anime Last Stand isn’t feasible, but that doesn’t diminish their importance. While official information regarding their utilization remains scarce, the community has speculated on potential avenues. Below are several anticipated ways to spend Coins, awaiting the unveiling of new in-game options in future ALS updates:

  • Shops: Many enthusiasts speculate that Coins will facilitate shopping for items. Observing the interface, you’ll notice the Items button, which currently leads to an empty inventory, suggesting a future shop feature.
  • Crafting: Crafting items stands out as an engaging activity where Coins may play a role in the process. It’s conceivable that Coins could be required for resource acquisition or to enlist crafting services once this function is unlocked.
  • Trading: The prospect of buying and selling excites many players. It’s reasonable to assume that Coins will serve as the primary currency for trading. While the mechanics of trading in Anime Last Stand remain undisclosed, aspirations run high, with hopes of acquiring coveted units like the Jenos Mythic unit through trading.

When will Coins be available to use in Anime Last Stand?

The exact timing of Coins’ availability in Anime Last Stand remains uncertain. However, it’s evident that Coins will soon become instrumental, considering the presence of locked locations within the town, such as Crafting or Shops. Anticipation builds for the imminent introduction of these features, promising more intricate avenues to obtain units and enhancements.

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