What time does GTA Online update?

While the excitement for Grand Theft Auto 6 intensifies, dedicated fans continue to enjoy GTA Online, with developers consistently providing fresh content for their enjoyment.

Every week, GTA Online servers receive new updates, introducing a variety of additions such as missions, vehicles, or even opportunities for players to earn free money. Despite the incentives, it can be easy to miss the update schedule.

Fortunately, GTA Online follows a regular update schedule, ensuring consistency in the timing of these changes. To stay informed and avoid missing out, here’s when you can expect updates to occur in GTA Online.

GTA Online weekly update times

GTA Online receives updates every Thursday at 1 am PT. These updates vary in size, ranging from minor patches introducing new content like cars and missions to major content drops, depending on the week.

To help you determine the corresponding time in your timezone, here are some other update times:

  • 1am PT
  • 4am ET
  • 9am GMT
  • 8pm AEDT

Additionally, Rockstar provides detailed information about the weekly updates through their official news portal. Here, you can stay updated on the new online content added to the game’s catalog each week, allowing you to anticipate upcoming updates.

Alternatively, if you prefer to experience the new additions firsthand, simply sign in to GTA Online after the update and embark on your exploration.

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