What is the Scanning Game error in League of Legends?

New updates in League of Legends bring a multitude of changes to the game, from skins to gameplay adjustments. Once you download the patch, there will be plenty to explore, although there’s a rare chance of encountering the Scanning Game error.

I faced the “Scanning Game, Files Scanned: 0” error in League of Legends following a patch release. This issue also results in players experiencing significantly slow download speeds for new League patches. Based on my own encounters, it seems that these errors are often linked to League’s server status, particularly occurring when attempting to install patches shortly after their release.

With some of my friends already in the process of downloading the update, I felt a sense of urgency to join them in the game. While I initially waited for the files to be scanned, hoping for progress, it became evident that I needed to explore alternative solutions.

How to Resolve the Scanning Game Error

The most effective solution for the Scanning Game error in League of Legends is to restart the client while also rebooting your router. This approach addresses both potential issues simultaneously. Upon closing the client, ensure that all League-related processes are terminated in the Task Manager.

While restarting the client allows for a reset of your connection to League’s services, rebooting your router helps troubleshoot your home network. If this solution doesn’t resolve the issue, you can attempt the following alternative methods:

There have been instances where players successfully downloaded the new patch after leaving the Scan Game error unresolved for a few hours. Although it may seem cumbersome, this approach could serve as a final resort against the perpetual scanning. Alternatively, you can postpone the installation for another day, considering that Riot Games may release a hotfix addressing the root cause of the problem.

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