What Is Double Tag in Balatro? Explained

In the realm of roguelikes, it’s rare to find options to bypass challenges, let alone ones that come with rewards. The Double Tag for Balatro falls into this unique category, offering a versatile bonus that adds an extra incentive when deciding which Blind to confront. For players curious about how the Double Tag interacts with other Balatro mysteries, let’s delve into the details!

What Does the Double Tag Do in Balatro?

The Double Tag is a special feature that allows you to double the rewards obtained from using the Skip Blind feature in Balatro. Essentially, it grants you the option to skip a future round in the same run while receiving twice the bonus effects. This strategic tool enables players to maximize their gains, especially when encountering exceptional tags like the Polychrome Tag.

From a broader perspective, Double Tags help offset the loss of potential rewards when skipping a round, offering tags with various beneficial effects. These tags are instantly added to your Collection screen upon use, with some providing substantial benefits such as ensuring Uncommon or rarer items in the Shop, or enhancing their effects with additional modifiers.

The allure of the Double Tag in Balatro lies in its ability to enhance this already enticing reward. Consequently, it stands out as one of the most coveted tags in the game, prompting players to exercise caution in acquiring too many during a single run.

Given the nature of roguelikes, experimentation is key. While forgoing the opportunity for diverse rewards from a round may seem daunting, integrating tags into your strategy can significantly alter your gameplay experience. Tags offer enhancements with fewer drawbacks compared to some Joker cards, making them a worthwhile addition alongside other mechanics.

How to Get the Double Tag in Balatro

Procuring Double Tags in the game largely depends on RNG (Random Number Generation), as each Ante presents a chance for acquiring different tags in the Small and Big Bling rounds. Keep an eye out for the distinctive blue and green overlapping squares next to the Skip Blind option, as the Double Tag can manifest at any point during your gameplay.

It’s advisable not to utilize every Skip Blind opportunity, as you’ll soon require buffs and multipliers that these skips won’t assist with. However, seize the opportunity to reap the rewards when you encounter this elusive Tag!

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