What is Alternate Ammo in MW3?

In recent Call of Duty titles, weapon customization has become increasingly extensive, allowing players to choose various types of ammunition for their guns, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Many challenges and daily quests in the game require players to secure kills using alternate ammo. When tasked with obtaining operator kills using Alternate Ammunition, I first had to narrow down my ammunition options.

What are Alternate Ammo kills in MW3?

Alternate Ammo kills in MW3 refer to eliminations achieved by utilizing an ammunition attachment. Progressing through alternate ammo challenges necessitates the use of an ammunition type other than the default one for your selected weapon.

How to get Alternate Ammo kills in MW3

To obtain Alternate Ammo kills in MW3, you must first equip an alternative ammo type for your weapon in the Gunsmith. Explore the available options under the Ammunition category and select one of the unlocked types for the designated challenge weapon.

Some MW3 enthusiasts on Reddit have reported success with the underbarrel launcher and the Flamethrower when completing alternative ammo challenges. If the associated challenge fails to progress, experiment with different attachments and ammo types until you observe results. Occasionally, challenges may be bugged, necessitating players to test various combinations until progress is registered.

Moreover, weekly challenges, multiplayer camo challenges, and Zombies camo challenges in MW3 may stipulate the use of specific attachments or ammo types.

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