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What Happened to Baki’s Girlfriend in Baki Hanma

The anime series “Baki Hanma” has captivated audiences worldwide with its intense martial arts battles and gripping storyline. One of the intriguing aspects of the show is the fate of Baki Hanma’s girlfriend, Kozue Matsumoto. Throughout the series, fans have witnessed their complex relationship and wondered about Kozue’s ultimate destiny. In this article, we will delve into the events surrounding Kozue Matsumoto’s character in “Baki Hanma” and explore the answers to the burning question: What happened to Baki’s girlfriend?

1. Kozue Matsumoto: Baki’s Love Interest

Kozue Matsumoto serves as a crucial character in the “Baki Hanma” series, representing a delicate balance between Baki’s intense martial arts world and the more peaceful aspects of his life. Kozue is introduced as a kind-hearted and compassionate individual, who becomes Baki’s love interest. Her presence offers a stark contrast to the brutal and violent nature of Baki’s battles, providing a sense of solace and stability in his tumultuous life.

2. The Tumultuous Relationship

Baki and Kozue’s relationship is not without its challenges. Baki’s relentless pursuit of strength often leads him to distance himself emotionally from Kozue, leaving her feeling neglected and unsure of his affections. Despite these obstacles, Kozue remains steadfast in her love for Baki, even as he faces numerous adversaries in the pursuit of his martial arts goals.

3. The Trials of Retsu Kaioh

One of the significant turning points in the story is Baki’s encounter with Retsu Kaioh, a formidable martial artist. Retsu, who possesses great admiration for Baki’s skills, challenges him to a duel. However, during their intense battle, an accident occurs that severely injures Kozue. This incident marks a critical moment for both Baki and Kozue, as they face the harsh realities of their chosen paths.

4. Kozue’s Recovery and Growth

After the unfortunate accident, Kozue is left in a state of physical and emotional recovery. Baki, burdened by guilt and a deep sense of responsibility, stands by her side during this challenging time. As Kozue heals, she also experiences personal growth, gaining a deeper understanding of the world Baki inhabits and the sacrifices he must make for his ambitions.

5. The Trials of Love and Strength

As the series progresses, Baki and Kozue’s relationship continues to be tested. Baki faces increasingly powerful opponents, and his unwavering dedication to martial arts leaves little room for a conventional romance. Kozue grapples with her own feelings, torn between her love for Baki and the desire for a more stable and secure relationship. The trials they face individually and as a couple serve to highlight the complexities of their bond.

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6. Kozue’s Disappearance

In the later episodes of “Baki Hanma,” viewers are left in suspense as Kozue mysteriously disappears. Her absence adds another layer of intrigue to the storyline, leaving fans wondering about her fate. The circumstances surrounding Kozue’s disappearance become a subject of speculation and fuel intense discussions among viewers.

7. Theories and Speculations

Numerous theories and speculations have emerged regarding Kozue’s sudden disappearance. Some speculate that she might have chosen to leave in order to protect Baki from further harm, while others believe she may have been kidnapped by unknown enemies seeking revenge against Baki. These theories contribute to the suspense and anticipation surrounding Kozue’s eventual return.

8. The Future of Kozue Matsumoto

As of now, the fate of Kozue Matsumoto remains uncertain. “Baki Hanma” leaves viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next season or installment that will shed light on her whereabouts and the true reason behind her disappearance. Fans of the series are fervently hoping for a resolution that does justice to the complexity of her character and the significance of her relationship with Baki.


The character of Kozue Matsumoto in “Baki Hanma” plays a vital role in adding emotional depth to the series. Her relationship with Baki provides a humanizing element amidst the intense martial arts battles and serves as a reminder of the sacrifices and challenges faced by those pursuing their passions. The unresolved mystery surrounding Kozue’s disappearance only heightens the intrigue and anticipation for future installments of the series. As fans eagerly await answers, the enigma of Kozue Matsumoto continues to captivate audiences and remains an integral part of the “Baki Hanma” storyline.


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