What Does Blank Voucher Do in Balatro?

Balatro offers a captivating twist on poker, infused with ingenious roguelike mechanics that keep the gameplay brisk. However, certain mechanics might puzzle new players, and the Blank Voucher conceals its function in Balatro quite well. Yet, modern games often conceal helpful secrets, so don’t overlook the impressive benefits of this seemingly unremarkable item!

Does the Blank Voucher Do Nothing in Balatro?

Initially, the Blank Voucher has no effect. However, after purchasing and using 10 of these Blank Vouchers in Balatro, you’ll unlock the Antimatter Voucher. This secret remains hidden in plain sight for players, but uncovering it requires a significant amount of time, as RNG makes it challenging to acquire each Blank Voucher.

What Does the Antimatter Voucher Do?

The Antimatter Voucher grants an additional Joker slot during Balatro gameplay, expanding your potential for success. Jokers are crucial components, akin to equipment in an RPG, offering various bonuses. With an extra slot, you can stack more bonuses or execute clever strategies.

Cards like Joker Stencil benefit significantly from this addition, gaining an x1 multiplier for each vacant Joker slot. Combine this with a black deck and focus on buffs like Planet Cards and Tarot Cards to dominate the table.

How to Get the Blank Voucher in Balatro

To obtain Blank Vouchers in Balatro, you must consistently engage in unseeded runs and redeem them between rounds. These vouchers typically cost $10 to redeem and aren’t available for purchase as frequently as other buffs. It’s advisable to select one that aligns with your needs the most and then build your buffs accordingly.

Eventually, the Blank Voucher unlocks the Antimatter Voucher over time, while other vouchers have specific unlock conditions. In your Collection menu, beside a currently unlocked voucher, you’ll find conditions typically tied to gameplay milestones, such as using a certain number of Tarot Cards or spending a specific amount of money in the shop. This setup encourages continuous play, allowing you to discover new and exciting buffs suited to your playstyle!

For any player, it’s advisable to explore and test every provided voucher rather than actively seek them out. Otherwise, the unpredictable RNG, especially as your voucher pool expands, might lead to frustration.

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