What are Rent Targets in Monopoly GO

Monopoly GO, developed by Scopely, has revolutionized the digital adaptation of the classic board game. Offering an immersive experience for families and friends, this digital rendition introduces a strategic dimension where players utilize digital currency to acquire properties, enhance net worth, and strategically navigate the digital board.

What Are Rent Targets

In the digital Monopoly GO universe, players claim ownership of properties by landing on specific tiles known as Property Tiles. Enter the intriguing realm of Rent Targets—rotating circular icons adorned with pictures of players’ friends. Discover how Rent Targets provide players with effortless ways to accumulate wealth.

How to Earn Money From Rent Targets

Rolling the dice in Monopoly GO propels players forward, presenting an opportunity to collect rent upon landing on Rent Targets. The player depicted in the rotating image on the tile becomes the payer of the rent, injecting income into the recipient player’s coffers. The rental amount is influenced by the property’s value, with high-value properties commanding a higher fee. Players utilizing the Dice Multiplier witness a further surge in their rental earnings.

How to Increase Rent Targets

Rent Targets emerge as a straightforward avenue for cash accumulation in Monopoly GO. Elevating your net worth becomes a direct method to amplify Rent Targets. Alternatively, players can expand their targets by adding more friends to their digital entourage within the game.

Unlock the full potential of Monopoly GO by understanding the nuances of Rent Targets. Elevate your financial game and strategize your way to digital wealth in this captivating board game adaptation.

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