Warzone | How to complete the Rogue Signal Public event

Public events add an exciting twist to the usual Battle Royale gameplay, offering rewards for those who emerge victorious. Season 2 introduces the Rogue Signal event. If you’re curious about how it functions, let me guide you through completing the Rogue Signal Public event in Warzone.

What is the Rogue Signal event in Warzone?

The Rogue Signal is a public event that impacts every player on the map, akin to a Fire Sale or Jailbreak. This event can trigger randomly during your Warzone matches, providing a fresh way to compete with other Operators. At present, it appears exclusively on Fortunes Keep in the Resurgence game mode. This public event presents players with an opportunity to acquire a High-Value Weapon Cache, provided they emerge triumphant.

How to win the Rogue Signal event in Warzone

Once activated, the Rogue Signal is prominently displayed across the screen for all players to see.

During its activation, every player on the map is presented with the Rogue Signal mission, featuring a different objective each time. These objectives vary from a kill race to opening as many loot crates as possible.

In the example displayed, the mission entails collecting cash, with players able to monitor their rankings. When the mission timer elapses, the Rogue Signal ceases transmission for all but the top three scoring teams.

The top three teams are rewarded with cash and the location of a secret Weapon Cache on the map. It becomes a race to reach the stash, with the victor claiming the spoils. However, expect stiff competition from your adversaries, as they too have secured a spot in the top 3. Be prepared for intense firefighting at the Cache, and decide whether to engage or opt for a swift exit.

Given the compact size of Fortunes Keep, mindlessly rushing toward the Cache can prove fatal. Exercise caution, and keep an eye out for other players who may also be privy to the Cache location.

Season 2 has ushered in numerous updates, including new weapons and even a fresh Vest for multiplayer. If you haven’t acquired the Ninja Vest yet, check out our guide on unlocking it.

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