Warzone Devs Disable Underbarrel Launchers to address ‘unlimited projectiles’ exploit

There has been a recent surge in reports of cheaters among Warzone Ranked Play users, prompting developers to take action against one of the most prominent issues.

Ranked Play Resurgence highlights both team and individual performances, with CoD players earning Skill Rating (SR) and climbing ranks by securing kills, assists, and achieving high placements. However, SR deductions occur at the start of matches and for every death, making each life crucial for significant progress. Unfortunately, cheats and exploits have been hindering this progress lately.

Exploit Involving Fully Automatic Grenade Launcher Addressed in Warzone

On Feb. 19, Warzone professional Lenun shared a clip depicting him and his teammates being eliminated by a fully automatic grenade launcher, unleashing an excessive number of projectiles beyond the capabilities of any weapon from Modern Warfare 2 or 3. This indicated the use of an exploit by the enemy to unfairly secure kills during a Ranked Play Resurgence match.

In response, the CoD developers took swift action to tackle the issue.

“Underbarrel Launcher Attachments have been temporarily disabled while we investigate an exploit allowing players to fire unlimited projectiles,” confirmed Raven Software on Feb. 27.

Although the devs did not specify a timeline for the fix, players can monitor the progress of the investigation on Warzone’s official Trello board.

During the resolution process, players will not have access to underbarrel launcher attachments in multiplayer or Zombies.

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