Warframe | How to find and solve Duviri Puzzles

The Duviri Puzzle Nightwave challenge can present a considerable challenge if you’re unfamiliar with its intricacies. Fear not, as we’ll guide you through locating and solving these Duviri Puzzles in Warframe.

How to locate the Duviri Puzzles in Warframe

To begin, it’s advisable to search for these puzzles while immersed in The Duviri Experience. Accessing the puzzles is not possible through the Circuit or the Lone Story.

Identify pillars adorned with three distinct symbols. Confirmation of being in the right vicinity is when you observe a bird perched atop these pillars, characterized by their luminous eyes.

These pillars might elude your notice while navigating the Duviri region on your Kaithe. Employ your Guiding Hand ability consistently as your Drifter to unveil nearby objectives, including these puzzles.

How to resolve Duviri Puzzles

To overcome the challenge, you must solve these puzzles. When you approach one of these pillars, a white circle will envelop the surrounding area on the map, signaling that all necessary elements for puzzle resolution lie within this radius.

Locate three containers displaying light blue symbols to align with the column. Engage them to manipulate symbol displays, aligning them with the pillar. The sequence is inconsequential; your objective is to synchronize all three to solve the puzzle.

Remembering and adhering to the symbols on these objects may prove perplexing. Fortunately, matching one symbol and observing the bubbles forming around the pillar can aid in tracking progress.

Though aligning corresponding symbols with the containers seems straightforward, various obstacles may impede progress. These hurdles include partially obscured pillars, activation of wires to access containers, or locating mechanisms to rotate symbols.

Once again, leverage your Guiding Hand ability to pinpoint pertinent objects while resolving the puzzles. Ensure no adversaries are nearby to disrupt your efforts as you tackle the puzzles in Duviri.

Furthermore, note that these puzzles may not consistently manifest in the same locations. They can unpredictably emerge in any area within this specific open world.

Upon aligning all three symbols with the pillar, proceed to claim progress towards your Nightwave challenge, in addition to acquiring various Duviri materials, one Decree, and potential Cinta parts.

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