Warframe | Get the Corrosive Projection Mod

Alright, fellow space ninjas! We’re diving into the mod-tastic world of Warframe, where the right mods can transform you from the stomped to the stomper. Today’s quest: snagging the Corrosive Projection mod. Let’s roll!

Where to Get the Corrosive Projection Mod in Warframe

So, here’s the deal – Corrosive Projection isn’t just lying around waiting for you. It’s an exclusive Nightwave Cred Offering, doing its weekly rotation dance for 20 Nightwave Creds. Keep an eye on the shop, and when you spot it, pounce! Just a heads-up, Nightwave Creds are your reward for leveling up your Nightwave, so keep the grind alive.

Fun fact time! Corrosive Projection used to be part of an Artifact Defense Event in specific alerts. But don’t break a sweat if you missed it; that event took a bow and left the stage a while back.

What Does the Corrosive Projection Mod Do?

Alright, buckle up for the benefits! Corrosive Projection is an Aura mod, meaning it snugly fits into your Aura mod slot for your frame. At max rank, it’s an armor-shredding genius, slicing enemy armor by a cool 18%. Your squad becomes a damage-dealing powerhouse, making life easier against those pesky enemy forces.

Now, where it gets spicy is in builds aiming for that sweet 100% armor reduction. Picture this: my Wisp build, throwing in Hildryn’s Pillage ability and a dash of Ability Strength arcane – poof, enemy armor vanishes. Dealing with hordes becomes a walk in the park; they won’t survive the storm we unleash!

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