Warframe |Get Familial Debt Bonds (easily)

If you’ve got your eyes set on those Star Days cosmetics, you’ll need Familial Debt Bonds in Warframe. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on the guide for this one.

Where to Get Familial Debt Bonds in Warframe

Alright, fam, let’s talk strategy. There are three ways to snag Familial Debt Bonds, and let me tell you, they’re about as generous as Nef Anyo on a tight day. Manage your expectations – it’s the key to avoiding disappointment and relishing the surprises these farming methods might bring.

Don’t stick to just one method, spread your wings and try them all for maximum profit! Here they are:

  1. Tier 5 Bounty from Eudico in Fortuna or Orb Vallis mission boards:
  • This one’s got a 25 to 14 percent chance of dropping two Familial Debt Bonds from Stage 1 to Stage 4. The odds decrease with each stage, bottoming out at 14 percent.
  1. Heist Bounties (Kill the Profit Taker Orb):
  • Heists are like the fancy version of Bounties where you have to take down the Profit Taker Orb in Phase 4. The Orb always drops one Familial Debt Bond.
  1. Buy them from Ticker in Fortuna:
  • Keep an eye on Ticker’s stock; he might have these bonds up for grabs when he restocks.

But, and it’s a big but, you’ll need a bunch of Familial Debt Bonds for the cool Star Days stuff Ticker’s selling. Stuff like the Eros Wings Ephemera and the Cherub Color Palette are on the menu. Don’t worry, though; we’ve got a nifty guide to speed up your Familial Debt Bond farm.

Fastest Way to Familial Bonds in Warframe

If you’re all about efficiency and despise relying on RNG, you gotta be an Old Mate in Vox Solaris – that’s Rank 5 in their Standing. This gets you access to the Heists Bounty.

Killing the Profit Taker in a Heist Bounty guarantees a Familial Debt Bond, and you can keep doing it on a loop. Each run takes less than five minutes with a decent squad – that’s an impressive rate of one Familial Debt Bond every five minutes.

Now, if you’re not quite an Old Mate in Vox Solaris yet, Tier 5 bounties are your grind haven. But here’s a tip: stick to Stage 1 with its 25 percent reward chance for the highest shot at scoring two Familial Debt Bonds. Finish Stage 1, extract to Fortuna, rinse, repeat.

Sure, not every run will bless you with the bonds, but the grind is worth it to shine in lovely pink Star Days glory.

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