Warframe: Gauss Build Guide

Dive into the whirlwind of destruction with Gauss Prime, the latest powerhouse in the Warframe universe. Fueled by relentless speed, high damage, and exceptional durability, Gauss Prime demands a superior build to amplify its already formidable abilities. Unlock the true potential of this supersonic blender of destruction with the best Gauss Prime build guide.

Warframe Gauss Prime

Best Gauss Prime Build in Warframe

Warframe Gauss Build

Build Configuration

1. Energy Siphon

  • Effect: For Energy regeneration.

2. Primed Continuity

  • Effect: Adds Ability Duration, increasing it to 278%.

3. Archon Flow

  • Effect: Enhances Energy Capacity. Use Flow or Primed Flow to top up the energy.

4. Archon Vitality

  • Effect: Increases Health, ensuring players get more out of Thermal Slander. Can be replaced with Quick Thinking.

5. Narrow Minded

  • Effect: Enhances Duration, but at the expense of damage range.

6. Augur Message

  • Effect: Enhances Duration.

7. Stretch

  • Effect: Offsets the negative range found in Narrow Minded.

Additional Tips

Players can customize the Gauss Prime build based on their playstyle and preference. Here are additional tips for a seamless gaming experience:

  • Tome Mods: While players don’t necessarily need the eight new tome mods introduced in Whispers of the Wall, Invocation and Canticle mods can buff the Warframe’s ability across all stats. Players can choose to replace these with other mods and still maximize Gauss Prime’s potential.
  • Archon Shards: Use the 3x Crimson Archon Shard and the 2x Amber Archon Shard to enhance Ability Duration and Casting Speed.

Playstyle Strategy

The fast-paced nature of Gauss Prime requires a strategic approach to rotations and movements:

  1. Activate Kinetic Plating as soon as deployed.
  2. Initiate the 4th ability – Redline to optimize damage output.
  3. To charge up the Warframe’s battery, activate the first ability, Mach Rush, and keep moving until fully charged.
  4. Engage enemies by using Thermal Sunder to deal damage and strip them of armor. Use Thermal Sunder as long as the battery is full. If not, keep moving to let the battery charge.

Experience the thrill of unbridled speed and power as you harness the sonic storm within Gauss Prime. May your journey through Warframe be electrifying and victorious!

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