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Vinland Saga: Does Thorkell Know Who Killed Thors?

Vinland Saga, the popular historical manga and anime series by Makoto Yukimura, has captivated audiences with its gripping storyline and complex characters. One of the central mysteries that has intrigued fans is the identity of Thors’ killer. While it is evident that Askeladd was the one who struck the fatal blow, there are lingering questions regarding who exactly orchestrated the events leading to Thors’ demise. In this article, we will delve into the character of Thorkell and explore whether he possesses knowledge about the true culprit behind the murder of Thors.

1. The Enigma of Thorkell

Thorkell, known as Thorkell the Tall, is a towering figure in Vinland Saga. With his colossal stature and indomitable strength, he cuts an imposing figure on the battlefield. Despite his fearsome reputation, Thorkell is portrayed as a complex character, often displaying moments of unpredictability and uncharacteristic empathy. This intriguing characterization raises the question of whether Thorkell possesses knowledge about Thors’ murderer.

2. Thorkell’s Connection with Thors

Thorkell and Thors have a history together, having fought side by side in the past. Their bond goes beyond mere camaraderie, as Thorkell holds deep respect and admiration for Thors’ unwavering principles and superior combat skills. Thorkell’s admiration for Thors is evident during their reunion on the battlefield, where he expresses his desire for a duel with his former comrade. This suggests that Thorkell holds a personal stake in uncovering the truth behind Thors’ death.

3. Thorkell’s Perceptive Nature

Thorkell is not just a brawny warrior; he possesses keen observation skills and an astute understanding of human nature. His ability to read people’s intentions and motivations makes him a formidable opponent. It is plausible to consider that Thorkell, with his perceptive nature, might have pieced together the events surrounding Thors’ murder and possibly even discerned the true orchestrator behind the scenes.

4. Thorkell’s Interaction with Askeladd

Throughout the series, Thorkell engages in several encounters with Askeladd, the cunning Viking mercenary responsible for Thors’ death. These interactions are fraught with tension, showcasing a volatile relationship between the two characters. Thorkell’s disdain for Askeladd is apparent, and his unyielding desire to engage him in combat hints at a deeper understanding of the circumstances surrounding Thors’ demise. Thorkell’s quest for revenge suggests that he may possess valuable information about the true culprit.

5. Clues and Foreshadowing

Makoto Yukimura, the creator of Vinland Saga, is known for his meticulous attention to detail and subtle foreshadowing. Throughout the series, there are hints and clues scattered within the narrative that allude to the truth about Thors’ killer. Thorkell’s character arc and his interactions with other key figures in the story might provide valuable insights for astute readers to decipher the enigma.

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6. Thorkell’s Silence: An Enigmatic Choice

One could argue that Thorkell’s silence regarding the identity of Thors’ killer is a deliberate narrative choice made by the author. By keeping Thorkell’s knowledge veiled, Yukimura heightens the suspense and intrigue surrounding the central mystery. Thorkell’s silence could also be attributed to his personal code of honor, as revealing the truth might disrupt the delicate balance of power and alliances in the Viking world.


The question of whether Thorkell knows who killed

Thors in Vinland Saga remains shrouded in mystery. Thorkell’s complex character, his connections with Thors, his perceptive nature, and his interactions with Askeladd all suggest that he might possess crucial information about the true orchestrator behind the events that led to Thors’ demise. As fans eagerly await the resolution of this central mystery, it is clear that Thorkell’s role will continue to be a pivotal and enigmatic element in the story. Only time will reveal the truth behind Thors’ murder and whether Thorkell holds the key to this lingering question in Vinland Saga.


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