Vampire Survivors: Weapon Tier List January 2024

Vampire Survivors, a popular roguelite indie game, constantly introduces new weapons, making it challenging to select the best ones for your loadout. To assist you, we’ve created the Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List.

Best Weapons in Vampire Survivors: Ranked


The DLC Tides of the Foscari added 13 new weapons, included in the tier list.

The Glass Fandango and Celestial Voulge from the 1.7.0 update are now part of the tier list.

The recent Emergency Meeting DLC introduced 15 new weapons, now reflected in the tier list below.

Following the success of our Character Tier List, we’ve crafted a Weapon Tier List for Vampire Survivors. Please note the explanation of Tiers below.

Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List Tiers Explained

  • S++ Tier: Highest quality, extremely potent
  • S+ Tier: Exceptional weapons
  • S Tier: Excellent weapons
  • A Tier: Good, not overpowered
  • B Tier: Average weapons
  • C Tier: Weakest weapons

Given the various weapon evolutions and unions in Vampire Survivors, the list may appear chaotic. We appreciate your understanding. While opinions may vary, we’ve categorized items by Tiers, without specific orders within each Tier.

The Tier List has been updated. Personal preferences like Flash Arrow and Millionaire are included. Weapons like SpellString, SpellStream, and SpellStrike are placed high due to their progressive power.

The secret weapon of Genevieve and Je-Ne-Viv isn’t ranked but is considered top-tier. Character-exclusive weapons, such as those from Bone Mortaccio, O’Sole Meeo, and Yatta Cavallo, are powerful but unavailable to other characters.

Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List

TierWeapon Name
S++Sole Solution, Victory Sword, Super Candybox II Turbo, Infinite Corridor, Crimson Shroud, SpellStrom, Ashes of Musspell
S+La Borra, Gorgeous Moon, Emergency Meeting, Mannajja, Muramasa, Phieraggi, Fuwalafuwaloo, Candybox, SpellString, SpellStream, SpellStrike, Legionnaire, Luminaire, Unjust Ejection
SPentagram, Greatest Jubilee, Tri-Bracelet, Flames of Misspell, Death Spiral, Heaven Sword, Unholy Vespers, Hellfire, Soul Eater, NO FUTURE, Thunder Loop, Valkyrie Turner, Godai Shuffle, Echo Night, Boo Roo Boolle, Eskizzibur, Millionaire, Prismatic Missile, Ophion, Celestial Voulge, Rocket Science, Paranormal Scan, Impostongue
ACrossed Wires, Bone, Hats, Garlic, Santa Water, Lightning Ring, Phiera Der Tuphello, Eight the Sparrow, Shadow Pinion, Laurel, Celestial Dusting, Bracelet, Bi-Bracelet, Silver Wind, Four Seasons, Summon Night, Mille Bolle Blu, Night Sword, 108 Bocce, Bloody Tear, Holy Wand, Thousand Edge, Vicious Hunger, J’Odore, Vandalier, Shadow Servant, Party Popper, Clear Asteroids, Sharp Tongue
BJust Vent, Lifesign Scan, Magic Wand, Axe, Cross, King Bible, Fire Wand, Lucky Swipe, Runetracer, Song of Mana, Clock Lancet, Carrello, Mirage Robe, Glass Fandango
CWhip, Report!, Knife, Peachone, Ebony Wings, Gatti Amari, Vento Sacro, Flash Arrow, Clear Debris, Science Rocks,

Garlic and Clock Lancet serve well for early runs, with Garlic providing healing. However, they become less crucial as your characters progress. Notably, most top-tier weapons in Vampire Survivors evolve from base ones.


Early-game players can gain insight into discovered weapon evolutions with the Grim Grimoire relic. Additionally, check our weapon evolutions guide for a comprehensive list of evolving weapons and their requirements.

That wraps up our Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List. Thanks for visiting Prima Games! Explore our Vampire Survivors tag for more content, such as the best purchase order for the PowerUp shop.

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