Unrivaled Venusaur Tera Raids Location in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

For Pokémon Day festivities, the spotlight shines on the iconic Kanto Starters in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raids, starting with Venusaur.

From Tuesday, Feb. 27 at 6pm CT to Tuesday, March 5 at 5:59pm CT, Venusaur Tera Raids will appear in Paldea for your challenge. This Gen I Grass/Poison-type Starter earns the Mightiest Mark, reserved for the formidable seven-star Tera Raid bosses, making it a special event Pokémon to add to your collection. It will also possess the Ground Tera Type, rendering it weak against Water, Grass, and Ice types.

How to find Unrivaled Venusaur Tera Raids

Finding the Unrivaled Venusaur Tera Raids in Paldea is straightforward, provided you have seven-star Tera Raids unlocked. Once that prerequisite is met, follow these steps to confront the formidable Venusaur:

  • During the event period, connect to the internet and ensure you have the latest news in the Poké Portal.
  • Access your Paldea map and locate a Tera Raid icon bearing the Ground Tera Type symbol.
  • Set your destination to the designated area and fly to the nearest landmark or Pokémon Center.
  • Follow the orange flag on your minimap until you reach the black crystal den.
  • Interact with the black crystal to confirm it’s a seven-star raid featuring Venusaur’s silhouette.
  • If you wish to challenge the raid with other players, utilize the online Tera Raid Battle Search feature in the Poké Portal to join group raids. Participation in these online raids requires a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

How to catch Venusaur

To capture the Venusaur bearing the rare Mightiest Mark, you must first overcome its Tera Raid battle. As a seven-star raid, this won’t be an easy feat without adequate preparation.

Ensure you have a fully-trained level 100 Pokémon, preferably one capable of dealing super-effective damage to Venusaur while minimizing incoming damage. The Ice type is a favorable choice. With the event concluding on March 5, it’s uncertain if Unrival Venusaur will return, so seize the opportunity to defeat and capture it before then.

Outside the Tera Raid event, Venusaur can be acquired in Scarlet and Violet, along with the other Starters, by obtaining The Indigo Disk DLC. Wild Bulbasaur can be found roaming the Coastal Biome in Blueberry Academy’s Terarium after its upgrade. Catch a Bulbasaur and evolve it into Ivysaur, which then evolves into Venusaur.

If you lack the DLC, you can still obtain Venusaur by trading with another player or transferring it from another game via Pokémon HOME.

Can you catch more than one Venusaur?

Similar to previous Unrivaled Tera Raid events, you may capture a maximum of one Venusaur with the Mightiest Mark per game. While you can attempt the raid multiple times during the event, catching your first Unrivaled Venusaur prevents you from throwing another Poké Ball.

If you desire additional Venusaur, you must either catch Bulbasaur in the Terarium, breed it, trade for it, or transfer one. However, only the Venusaur captured in the special Tera Raid event will possess the Mightiest Mark.

the best Nature for Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur

When it comes to Natures, Venusaur and its pre-evolutions, Bulbasaur and Ivysaur, offer flexibility depending on their intended roles. For an offensive Venusaur, the best Nature would be either Modest (+ Special Attack, – Attack) or Timid (+ Speed, – Attack).

To maximize Venusaur’s damage output as a special attacker, opt for a Modest Nature. While Venusaur’s Special Attack may not be exceptional, it’s its best stat, tied with Special Defense. To compensate for its average stats, teach it potent moves like Petal Dance and Sludge Bomb, or Solar Beam if utilized in a sun team.

Alternatively, a speedy Timid Venusaur thrives in sunny conditions, as its Chlorophyll ability doubles its Speed stat. With boosted speed under sunlight, Venusaur becomes one of the fastest Pokémon on the field, capable of unleashing a potent Solar Beam in a single turn before the opponent can retaliate.

If you prefer a tankier approach, consider a Calm Nature (+ Special Defense, – Attack) for Venusaur. Rather than focusing on offensive capabilities, this Nature allows Venusaur to endure longer in battles, utilizing status moves like Toxic and Sleep Powder while sapping the opponent’s HP with Leech Seed.

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