Undead Unluck: Who Are Latla and Leila?

Undead Unluck, a captivating manga series by Yoshifumi Tozuka, introduces readers to a world brimming with supernatural adventures and a touch of humor. Amidst the plethora of ridiculous powers and abilities, the series also showcases intriguing characters, and this article delves into the tale of two siblings – Latla and Leila Mirah.

Leila Mirah’s Tragic Tale Related to Rip’s Past

Leila Mirah, characterized by her sweet and caring nature, provided a stark contrast to her sister’s aggressive demeanor during their childhood. Despite her kindness, Leila harbored a fatalistic outlook, a result of an unnamed heart condition that foretold her imminent demise.

Leila Mirah

As children, both Latla and Rip fervently sought a cure for Leila’s incurable disease. Despite their efforts, Leila succumbed to her illness, propelling Rip Tristan into a villainous path as Unrepair. Driven by the desire to save Leila, even from death itself, Rip’s actions set a significant arc in motion.

However, Unrepair eventually succeeded in bringing Leila back to life through a daring operation. Following her recovery, Leila joined Union alongside her sister and Rip, forming an alliance that aimed to recruit the enigmatic Enjin.

Latla’s Bond with Rip and Unleashing Untrust

Latla, in stark contrast to her sister, exuded an aggressive demeanor tempered by underlying kindness and care. Devastated by Leila’s death, Latla’s determination to collaborate with Rip and find a way to resurrect her sister defined her character.


During the Unrepair Arc, Latla switched sides and joined Union with her sister and Rip. Known for her calm and composed demeanor in critical situations, Latla’s caring nature extended to her appearance, making her a multifaceted character.

In battle, Latla possesses the Negator ability called Untrust. Combining her foresight with Untrust, she gains the power to foresee the future and manipulate outcomes. This formidable ability renders her a significant force in combat, showcasing her strategic prowess.

Together, the Mirah sisters, Latla and Leila, navigate the supernatural world of Undead Unluck, each contributing to the unfolding narrative with their unique traits and abilities.

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