Treasure Hand Weakness in Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload showcases various rare enemies that yield more experience points and rewards. Among these is the Treasure Hand, a shadow located in the Arqa Block of Tartarus, making it one of the earliest rare shadows encountered in the game. Understanding the optimal Persona to confront this enemy is crucial before delving into Tartarus, so let’s delve into the weakness of the Treasure Hand in Persona 3 Reload.

How To Beat Treasure Hand in Persona 3 Reload

As with any enemy in Persona 3 Reload, the most effective approach against the Treasure Hand is to exploit its weakness. The Treasure Hand is susceptible to Light attacks. This includes single-target spells such as Kouha and instant kill moves like Hama, which have an elevated chance of success against targets vulnerable to Light. Initially appearing in the early game stages at Level 12, you won’t have party members with Light attacks available this early.

In addition to employing a Skill Card with Kouha, one of the earliest Personas suitable for defeating the Treasure Hand in Persona 3 Reload is the Unicorn Persona, obtainable at Level 11. This Persona can be fused using combinations like Orpheus and Onmoraki or Pixie and Ara Mitama. Another viable option is the Archangel Persona, unlockable at Level 10 and equipped with Kouha in its arsenal. You can easily acquire this Persona by fusing Jack Frost and Asparas.

Rare enemies boast higher evasion rates compared to standard foes, so consider using the Sukunda spell to reduce its speed and evasion. Similar to other adversaries, exploit its weakness and follow up with an All-Out Attack to inflict significant damage. It’s likely that the Treasure Hand won’t be defeated with a single All-Out Attack, so you’ll need to knock it down multiple times before emerging victorious.

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