Tifa’s Sheet Music Location in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

In addition to battling monsters and saving the world, Cloud showcases remarkable musical prowess. Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter numerous pianos offering the opportunity to play various tunes. While you’re restricted from playing any melody of your choice, sheet music enables you to engage in this mini-game. Initially, Tifa’s Theme Piano Sheet Music could be found in Nibelheim in the FF7 Rebirth demo, but its location has been altered in the full version.

Where To Find Tifa’s Theme Piano Sheet Music

The Tifa’s Theme Piano Sheet Music is situated in Costa del Sol’s The Royal Coast. This newly accessible area becomes available during Chapter 6: Fool’s Paradise. Following a perilous journey on Shinra-8, the team opts for relaxation and decides to visit the beach.

However, they must adhere to beachwear attire regulations and cannot enter in their regular clothes. During this segment, you can control Aerith and Tifa as they search for swimsuits. There are four activities available, one of which involves a piano mini-game.

Inside The Royal Coast hotel, located where you initially arrived at Costa del Sol, you’ll find the piano. Simply turn right from the front desk, and atop the instrument, you’ll discover Tifa’s Theme Piano Sheet Music in FF7 Rebirth.

Upon revisiting this piano after completing Chapter 6, Dorian will be stationed nearby. Achieving an A-Rank performance of Tifa’s Theme will prompt Dorian to reward you with a Level 2 MP Up Materia.

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