This Warzone 3 Audio Setting Works Like A Cheat

One of the most debated topics surrounding Warzone 3 is the audio design concerning enemy footsteps. Influential figures like Dr. Disrespect have escalated this issue by uninstalling the game due to instances where they hear nothing and are unexpectedly shot from behind by an enemy. Compounding this problem is the absence of Dead Silence in the new Warzone 3 iteration, with no perk available to suppress footstep sounds. So, how can we address this issue within the game?

Delving into Warzone’s audio settings menu reveals an option labeled “Audio Mix.” This holds the key to amplifying footstep sounds within the game, provided you opt for the Sound Bar setting. This audio configuration adjusts the various sounds you encounter in the game, including those of enemy footsteps.

Many players overlook this straightforward option, opting instead for “Headphone.” However, even with the Sound Bar selected, proper tuning is essential to ensure clear footstep sounds. Here are the recommended settings:

  • Gameplay Music Volume: 30
  • Dialogue Volume: 30
  • Effects Volume: 100
  • Cinematic Volume: 30
  • War Tracks: 30
  • Voice Chat Volume: 60

Gameplay music serves as the background theme during matches, contributing to background noise even when not actively engaged in combat, potentially obscuring enemy footsteps. Similarly, War Tracks automatically play when entering a vehicle, adding to the ambient noise. Therefore, it’s crucial to adjust these volumes accordingly.

While lowering Cinematic and Voice Chat volumes to some extent is advisable, the standout feature in Warzone 3’s audio settings is the Effects Volume. This directly impacts the output of enemy footstep sounds, alongside other effects such as gunfire, loot chest openings, and door movements.

Remember The Flex Perk

Following optimization of the audio settings in Warzone 3, it’s essential to select a specific perk called “Flex.” As the name suggests, the Effects Volume audio option encompasses mixed sounds. Flex works by balancing the volume of combat noises like gunfire while amplifying the sound of enemy footsteps.

This is an underrated perk that many players overlook in favor of High Alert and Ghost. It’s important to note that High Alert can be easily countered with Cold-Blooded, and Ghost can be substituted with Stealth Vests found as ground loot.

Call of Duty: Warzone is playable on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

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