The Sims 4: How To Complete The Black Widow Challenge

The Sims 4 with the Black Widow, a thrilling gameplay experience where you become the master of deceit, seduction, and calculated murder. This sinister challenge allows you to create a character who preys on unsuspecting spouses, marrying them only to claim their fortune through devious means. Follow our guide to navigate the treacherous path of the Black Widow Challenge and earn the coveted trophy.

What is the Black Widow Challenge?

Sims 4 Black Widow

The Black Widow Challenge beckons you to embrace the dark arts of romance and treachery. Here are the key rules to follow:

  • Be a Young Adult.
  • Possess traits: Materialistic, Snob, and Romantic.
  • Set aspiration to: The Serial Romantic.
  • No use of cheats: No money cheats allowed; wealth must come from the deceased spouse.
  • No mods: Stick to the base game; mods are off-limits.
  • Marry only singles: No stealing spouses from other Sims.
  • No job: Rely solely on earnings from dead spouses.
  • No repairs: Replace broken items using Simoleons.

How To Complete the Black Widow Challenge

Sims 4 Black Widow Proposing
  1. Create Your Black Widow Sim:
  • Young Adult with Materialistic, Snob, and Romantic traits.
  • Aspiration set to The Serial Romantic.
  1. Seduce and Marry:
  • Build a romantic relationship and marry a single Sim.
  • Level up Cooking and Charisma skills to impress as the perfect spouse.
  1. Infidelity:
  • Seduce another Sim and ensure your current spouse catches you cheating.
  • Bring them to your marital home for added drama.
  1. Eliminate Your Spouse:
  • Choose a method to end your spouse’s life (e.g., starvation, drowning, fire).
  • Bury them in the backyard or dispose of them as you wish.
  1. Repeat and Reach Kills:
  • Seduce, marry, and dispose of 10 spouses to complete the challenge.
  • Vary your methods for added intrigue.

Embrace the thrilling world of deception and manipulation in The Sims 4 Black Widow Challenge. Can you successfully navigate the treacherous path of love and betrayal and emerge as the ultimate mastermind? The fate of your Sims’ spouses lies in your hands.

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